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Quotes of the Day 6-14-08
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Written by Jason Boyette   
Sunday, 15 June 2008 18:30

M:  "Gimme dat." - for just about anything she wants to have or hold.

E was teasing C about something, so we told her to be quiet.  She burst out in a cry:  "I just like to talk too much!"

I participate in this contest through my work, where if you walk 40,000 steps in a week, you get entered into a drawing for $25.00.  Sometimes near the end of the week, when I know I'm not going to make 40,000 I allow the girls to wear my pedometer around, which they love.  C ran around the house tallying 5,000 steps in just minutes.  She then asked how many more I needed to get into the drawing.  I said I still needed about 15,000.  With a look of determination, she said, "I can get that."

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