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February 2008 Update
Jason Blog - Family
Written by Jason Boyette   
Friday, 08 February 2008 10:04

So, have you heard that 2008 is here?

February is cold in Michigan. This winter, we've been experiencing some major swings in the weather. We got major snows, followed by heat waves of over 50 degrees.

My wife and I are planning a trip to Chicago later this month. We celebrated our 10th anniversary on Thanksgiving Day 2007, and we're getting out of the house for the first time since children. We're very excited about it all!

School is in full swing for my kindergartener C. She's had a fever for the last two days, however, so she's missed out on school. She was very sad, as usual. Early this morning she was lamenting the fact that this will be four absences for her. Never mind the fact that today was Red and White Day, where students can wear casual clothes in the school colors. Furthermore, she was hoping to cheer at the basketball game tonight. All in all, she's handling it pretty well.

My 3 1/2-year-old E is such a sweet little girl. I recently took her to a friend's birthday party at a hotel's swimming pool. She can't yet swim, so I got to hold her around in the water with a bunch of other girls and moms. She had a great time, and it was very good for her to be able to do something like this by herself - without any sisters.

As for my 16-month M, well, she's crazy! She just goes and goes and goes. There is no OFF switch on her back, until she's ready for sleep. Yesterday she locked up the computer, took a photo out of a frame, removed many DVDs from the drawer, and who knows what else, all while Mama was on the phone. They know you're helpless while on the phone.

As for Baby Boyette 4, he/she is just now half way here. We are at 20 weeks, and the baby is fine. I can never get enough of seeing my babies using ultrasound, and we got to experience that on Monday. I have not yet felt the baby kick or punch, but Mama says she can.

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