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Spending Time with My Baby
Jason Blog - Family
Written by Jason Boyette   
Tuesday, 21 October 2008 14:08

Last night when I got home from work, my big three girls were up and bouncing around, going on little or no rest at naptime.  However, my 4 month old baby A was sleeping soundly in her crib.  It wasn't until after we had eaten dinner, and dragged the big three through clean-up, brush-your-teeth, get-yer-jammies-on bedtime that she finally woke up.

I peek into her crib, and she just turns her head and smiles.  Her arms begin to wiggle excitedly as she says, "Pick me up, Daddy!" with her motions.  Of course I comply.

I held her for a few hours last night as Kelly and I talked.  She loves hanging out with me, usually facing outward so she can see the world.

Then, when I take her to the changing table, she starts going nuts – I can get this baby to talk, sing, smile, squirm, laugh, giggle.  I tickle her belly, neck, feet, and legs, and she can't do anything about it but laugh.

We played like that for a long time last night, and while I'm sure it was fun for her, it was great for me, too.

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