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My Day 3-11-09
Kelly Blog - Motherhood
Written by Kelly Boyette   
Wednesday, 11 March 2009 22:45

My day started sometime after 2 am with the sound of little feet making their way to my side of the bed.  I know by the pitter whose they are.  M has a little routine of making her way quietly to our room, closing the door behind her, carefully folding down the corner of the blanket, and then climbing in.  Too tired to take her back, I drifted off for a while, being sandwiched between my husband and a two-year-old.  I did take her back only for her to return an hour or so later.  I had no resistance left and let her snuggle in for what could never be described as good sleep.

Shortly after that, A called out from her crib for her morning snack; I knew I couldn't take her back to my normally cozy bed so it was off to the cold couch.  After putting the baby back in her bed I decided to carry M back to her bed with the risk of her crying and waking everyone up.  Thankfully, it went smoothly and I crawled back into bed for one more hour of sleep.  The alarm went off and saved me from a crazy dream about gangsters and a mall.

6:00, time to slip into my gym clothes and head out the door without waking anyone up.  After my thirty minute workout I headed home to get C fed, ready, and out the door for school.  Just as I thought I might be able to pull it all off with out waking anyone up they started to trickle out.  M was first and ready for her cereal.  E slept in a little longer, but was up just after C's ride left.  With three out of the four now fed or eating, it is time to get dinner in the crockpot.  Wednesday nights are crazy so I thought I would get ahead of the game. 

Thankfully the girls are pretty good at cleaning up their cereal bowls, but I guess I forgot to tell M not to carry her bowl if it had milk in it.  Pink cereal translates into a sticky mess on the floor.  Oh well, the floor was looking a little grimey and needed to be cleaned anyway. I only wish that would have been my actual reaction. 

On cue A wakes up and is her usual happy, adorable 8-month self.  As I begin to take off her night layers I realized she had soaked though her diaper and she was soaked up her back.  At the same time M comes in and says, "There is poopies on the floor."  Sure enough there is poopie on the carpet and all up and down her leg.  They both needed baths anyway so I threw them in the tub after taking care of the carpet.

Meantime, E is having a meltdown about the Hawaiian costume she wants to wear for Aloha Night at Cubbies.  It ended very badly with me getting hit.  Now that is a problem that must be dealt with.  While I'm dealing with E, M pops in with wide eyes and says "Mama, I just went tinkles on the stool!"  That she did, more like made a huge puddle on the stool and surrounding floor.  At least it was in the bathroom.  With the bathroom cleaned it is time to get E in the tub.   By now it is 9:00 and I am so glad I had a cup of coffee.

I don't write this to solicit any sympathy.  I truly love the life I've been blessed with.  I know that some day there will be a morning when I sit in a quiet house drinking a cup of coffee wondering what to do that day.  I just want to be able to remember the time when my days were full by 9:00 am.

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Jason Boyette: ... http://www.jkboyette.com
I love being here with you.

March 11, 2009 22:54
Alan & Mary Davis: ...
A mother\'s life can be difficult and tiring, but so rewarding, especially when she can sit back and read the writings of her daughter about her granddaughters. PRICELESS

March 12, 2009 11:54

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