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Health Update
Kelly Blog - Motherhood
Written by Kelly Boyette   
Thursday, 09 April 2009 12:55

Just before the new year I commented to someone "We have been pretty healthy for a while."  As the words were coming out of my mouth I knew I would regret saying them.  We have been swapping a nasty cold/cough thing on and off for what seems like months.  The smallest among us have been hit the hardest.  M has been to the dr. every week for the past three weeks.

On Monday her cough was unrelenting and her fever had returned.  Chest x-rays show a very small spot of pneumonia like fluid on her lungs.  The dr. said it really isn't that bad.  She also wheezes when breathing so they now consider her as having mild asthma.  She is on three different oral medicines and one that she takes as a breathing treatment three times a day.  As horrible as it all sounds, thanks to God's provision of modern medicine, she is starting to act like herself again.  We are looking forward to her returning to good sleeping habits too.

Little A is a small target.  She is just so darn cute people can't keep their germ-infested hands off of her.  She ran a fever for a good part of last week followed by a runny nose that just won't quit.  At last check about an hour ago her fever is back—100.3.  M goes back to the dr. tomorrow for a follow up and A is going right in on her big sissys coattails to be sure her ears aren't infected.  

C has that silly voice that comes from the early part of a stuffy nose, but keeps insisting that she is fine.  She did just lose her lunch as she was getting her earrings put in.  I'm beginning to think people in my family vomit just to force me to clean the bathroom floor! E is doing fine…I'll  learn from past mistakes and stop there.  With everything in perspective we are thankful that the illnesses our children have are all manageable in our modern world; inconvenient, miserable, but thank the Lord manageable.  We are praying for good health and are going to start driving south until we find SPRING! 

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