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Bee Movie
Kelly Blog - Motherhood
Written by Kelly Boyette   
Wednesday, 19 August 2009 13:14

Last week I found out that the theater in the mall shows a free children's movie every Wednesday morning throughout the summer.  The past month or so I have had a renewed sense of adventure and want to make the most of our summer fun, so I loaded up everyone this morning and headed for the mall. M has never been to a movie—for very good reasons—and niether has A, so I knew that I may just regret having gone, but it was free so I figured what the heck. E picked her sister's clothes for the big outing.  She herself decided her Easter dress was appropriate, C and M decided, however, that what had been suggested was a little over the top, so they each picked out their own skirts and tops.  A and I wore much more practical capris and t-shirts.

We arrived just in time to go potty and order up our popcorn. I started to order the medium and decided for 50 cents more I can get a large, and the lady pointed out that for just 50 cents more I could get an X-large.  Since my mood was "what the heck" we went with the giant tub.  Once inside the theater I realized we were in very good company—lots of moms with small children.  I didn't think anyone was going to mind a little baby babble or loud toddler voice.  C, being a seasoned theater-goer, tenderly prepared M for all that was about to happen.  As the lights went down M was looking for the Christmas lights she had been told would appear down the aisle. Recently E has become afraid of dark places so she suddenly felt sick to her stomach. A was just enjoying the popcorn I was putting on her stroller tray.  I couldn't put it down fast enough. 

All in all they did a great job.  At one point M was sitting in the floor with the popcorn bucket, and at other times she kept herself busy playing with the chairs, and sometimes she even sat in one and watched the movie.  I looked over at A and thought she was choking on a piece of popcorn but realized she had her mouth opened laughing at what she knew was supposed to be funny.  She is a very smart baby!  E realized that a sundress isn't the best choice for a chilly theater, and C enjoyed the show.   I don't know that I could honestly say I saw the Bee Movie, but I think I picked up on the general plot and a few funny jokes.  Mostly I enjoyed being a part of the first movie that the four sisters saw together.  I hope that someday they will look forward to getting together from wherever life takes them and watching a movie together. 

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Alan & Mary Davis: ...
What a precious time together and a perfect place for it.

August 20, 2009 15:44

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