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Kelly Blog - Motherhood
Written by Kelly Boyette   
Thursday, 26 August 2010 23:04

Here we are at the end of summer and I find myself totally exhausted.  The summer's activities are starting to catch up to me and I'm pretty sure sheer exhaustion is the force behind the meltdowns and mood swings we have all been feeling.  I have found myself obsessing about "me time" and when I could get it.  After all, a stay at home mother of four who has packed for a vacation, camping trip, entertained out of state guests, hosted play dates, taken kids to the lake, not to mention a traveling husband…well you get the idea, I'm tired.

I wondered if I would actually enjoy staying in a hotel by myself for a few days; maybe just sitting on a beach by myself where no one knew my name would be more relaxing, and of course, much deserved.  Thoughts of how and when to make this happen began to occupy a lot of my mind.  The endless spills, seemingly constant sibling bickering, and neverending piles of laundry were all battles I was growing extremely tired of fighting.  Last Tuesday was no different. Chaos seemed to be the order of the day and all of my children seemed to be in a very obstinate mood when Jason called.

"Have you heard about Leisa Roe?"

It often is hard for me to hear someone talking on the other end of the phone line, and I don't remember this particular time being any different. The words started to form in my mouth that I hadn't heard anything but screaming children today, but something told me to stop.  "She's being life–flighted…it doesn't look good." A mother of a 15-year-old and 11-year-old suddenly hanging between the present and eternity. Then later came more bad news of a family friend. A young mother of two diagnosed with devastating cancer.

It's funny how the reality of our mortality has a way of slapping us in the face, urging us to beg forgiveness for our own discontentment. Today we're attending Leisa's funeral.  Leisa was a patient, loving mother who is now with her Lord. She no longer has spills to clean up, sibling fights to break up, or dinner to cook, and I'm no longer obsessing about when I can have some "me time."  I'm just thankful that I have time.

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Wendy Boyette: ...
Wow-this hit home, Kelly. Sitting here with tears in my eyes. Thank you, perfectly written.

September 08, 2010 13:17
Jenny Mangham: ...
I can be of help in planning that long as its with me! No...seriously!

October 25, 2010 21:37

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