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Simple Pleasures
Kelly Blog - Motherhood
Written by Kelly Boyette   
Wednesday, 27 July 2011 15:13

Yesterday was a beautiful summer day in Michigan.  The temperature was somewhere in the mid-80's, low humidity, and just enough cloud cover to give you a break from the sun.  The perfect day for me and the girls to head to the lake.  We – more like I – packed up all the sand toys, life vests, floaties, picnic lunch and all the other things we think we need for a day at the lake.  Somehow I manage to squeeze the wagon in the car so that we all look a little less like pack mules.  This year I had the brilliant idea to pack some things in a backpack so that even the little ones could join in the struggle of lugging all our goods for what seems like an eternal walk from the parking lot to the beach. Actually this year I noticed that the packing, loading of the car etc., seemed to go a little smoother.  Perhaps it was the fact that my 15 year old niece was here to lend a hand, or the fact that as my girls grow they are becoming amazing helpers.  Any way you look at it I was amazed that I could easily shut the hatch on the car and I don't think I even raised my voice once in the whole getting-ready process.

We made the long trek to the beach where we were greeted by friends, and the girls immediately started enjoying everything that is fun about the lake.  I enjoyed sitting and chatting with friends and watching the girls have fun.  I even ventured into the water, which I usually dread and avoid if at all possible.  A wanted me to hold her in the water which I gladly did.  Later we ventured over to the splash pad where I swung her through one of the fountains and enjoyed her giggle.  I've always enjoyed picking my girls up and swinging them through the water but this time was different.  Almost three months ago the simple pleasure of picking up my toddler was something that I couldn't manage.  I was recovering from major surgery, and even if I could have withstood the pain the lift would have caused, I  lacked the energy.  I never knew how painful recovering from surgery could be, but just as excruciating is the missing out on the simple pleasures of life such as picking up your child. 

Yesterday I swung my smallest girl through a water fountain and gave her sister an underdog.  I stood in the water and watched my two big girls demonstrate their swimming skills.  The long trek from the car to the beach didn't even seem as long as usual.  It hit me when I was in the splash park swinging A that I was doing normal things, the things I did last year pre-surgery.  The things I wanted to do so badly post-surgery, but feared I would never be able to do again.  God is so good to give us simple pleasures in life and even better to give us opportunities to find new joy in those simple pleasures.

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