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"Victory in Jesus" and a Shadow
Kelly Blog - Motherhood
Written by Kelly Boyette   
Monday, 17 October 2011 21:31

Yesterday during the worship service at church the song "Victory in Jesus" came up on the screen as the next song to sing.  This song always reminds me of my grandad.  We sang it at his funeral.  Often when we sing this song in church I get a little teary.  The funny thing is, it isn't because it reminds me of my grandad's funeral.  The tears come because I can remember it being one of the songs that, when he was alive and well, his voice could be heard above the entire congregation.  And believe you me his voice stood out above the congregation.  The choir director probably spent time praying that Pryor Davis never decided to join the choir.  As a  kid I wondered why he had to sing so loud.  Wasn't he aware people could hear him? I could on the other side of the church!  I mean we shared the same last name and people knew it.  

Now that I'm older and a bit wiser I know why he sang as loud as he did.  He knew the victory that he had found in Jesus.  Sounds so cliché and an easy lead for a comedian, but it was true.  He knew how different his life was as a result of his faith in Jesus.  All of these thoughts run through my mind and the tears start to form.  This Sunday was a little different.  The song started and the thoughts started to swirl when out of the corner of my eye I saw a shadow of a man behind the baptismal.  He was mopping up the water left behind after the baptisms we had just witnessed. I realized that man was my dad. This set off a whole new chain of thoughts. 

I would pay money to hear my grandad sing that song again, but am so glad it isn't only his song to sing. My dad may not sing it as loudly but he lives the victory found in Jesus.  I like to think I'm a little more on key when I sing but it isn't the key that really matters.  I'm just thankful to know the same victory in Jesus that my grandad and dad know and that someday we'll have the opportunity to sing it together again. 

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That was really touching. Thanks for sharing that.

October 19, 2011 08:36

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