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2 and 4
Kelly Blog - Motherhood
Written by Kelly Boyette   
Wednesday, 06 August 2008 22:40

Life with four children six and under definitely has been interesting. We have seven weeks under our belts now and I have to say, while it gets pretty crazy around our house at times, it hasn't been as crazy as I envisioned it would be. We rarely have a moment to spare but what extra time we need seems to be borrowed from sleeping time. We've been sleep deprived for so long now I don't know that we've even noticed a difference over the past seven weeks.

From the time we brought the baby home from the hospital her three big sisters have adored her, a little too much at times! They love the baby, but have all had their own little issues in adjusting to having a sixth member in our family and one more person to battle for the spotlight. We've experienced emotional meltdowns, tantrums, iron wills, and a sleepwalker. It has really caused us to see each of our girls for the individuals that they are, and find what works for them. I'm pretty sure we are going to need some sort of professional psychiatric training before we have 4 teenage girls!

We have also grown to appreciate their unique qualities. Like the way C will wrestle her little sister to the ground before she will let her get into something dangerous, but won't retaliate if that same sister is hurting her. There is something to be said about the middle child who doesn't always demand your attention; E will play for hours with her polly pockets. M keeps us hopping, but is our only child that will put her arms around your neck and say, "I love yooo." Little A's personality is still a mystery that we can't wait to solve.

All in all we are adjusting well to our new addition. We have had several adventures already! I've ventured out to the sprinkler park, grocery store and Chuckie Cheese with all the girls. We've brought Jason along to the mall, a few restaurants and even the zoo. The great news is we've only lost M one time! Luckily it was at church. We've hosted two parties in our home and thanks to our amazing moms have been able to get away for dinner by ourselves a few times!

When we first found out we were going to have a fourth child the thought of what my days would look like were frightening. Now that I'm in the midst of it it's not so bad! We have our moments, which usually happen at dinner, bath or bedtime, when things seem to spin out of control, but are doing just fine. God promises that his grace is sufficient. I have found that to be true over the past several weeks. The two of us and the four girls, by God's grace, add up to a pretty good life.

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